Warranty conditions:

The warranty is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. The warranty applies to all cases of defects, defects and/or workmanship of an industrial nature.

The warranty is void if the replaced part has been installed or there are clear signs that the item has already been used, for example, was screwed to a screw or slotted hole.

Defects caused by the fault of the manufacturer you can always to consult the manufacturer.

The warranty does NOT cover:

- when you use goods with violation of requirements of the instruction manual or rough handling;

- mechanical damage of the product;

- damage to product as a result of deliberate or erroneous actions of the consumer;

- the presence of signs of tampering to the product or repair the product themselves or by organizations, companies or individuals not authorized by the manufacturer.

- when the swelling parts in the result of the action of water or other liquid;

- for furniture with constructive changes not specified by the manufacturer;

- if the furniture is damaged in the disaster.

The manual of furniture

The bed is made in accordance with the certification requirements. The company guarantees the quality of the crib according to the requirements, subject to the rules of transportation, installation and operation.

The optimal temperature range for furniture from +15 to +25 degrees. The furniture should be operated at a relative humidity of from 45% to 65%. Any deviation in one direction or another leads to lower consumer properties of furniture, and thus reduce its service life.

It is not recommended to place the furniture in direct sunlight and close to heating systems and various heating devices.

Water and harsh chemicals can be very harmful to wood, so avoid their contact with the surface of the furniture. Please note: even if you need to clean the furniture, in no case can not wipe the surface with a wet rag, to remove stains with abrasive means, and more of those solvents. Dust and dirt from surfaces should be removed with a dry clean soft cloth. As cleansers should be applied only specialized makeup for furniture separately for painted surfaces and for wood surfaces, varnished.

 It is recommended not to leave the pollution of any nature on the surfaces of furniture for a long time, this can lead to the formation of stable spots. Do not attempt to remove stubborn stains, scratches and other serious defects.

Avoid contact of the product with sharp objects, avoid friction and mechanical damage.

The furniture should be used in accordance with the functional purpose of each particular item.

The maximum load on the bed is 90 kg.

When using, should from time to time inspect the loosening of the fasteners.

Exchange and return

Dear customer!

Goods purchased in the online store artwood.by may be subject to exchange or return. In order to avoid any disputes refer to certain provisions of our store, such as: the procedure and conditions of use, warranty conditions and operating rules.

Please note! We do not provide services for the export of goods. You can order on a paid basis or to deliver it to us, after specifying the date and time with the Manager.

If you experience a warranty claim, claims for the quality or completeness of the purchased products, please contact the Manager online store by phone:

+375-29-277-88-24 (MTS)

+375-29-320-15-88 (Velcom)

or via email: art4wood@yandex.ru.